Sela Group has been producing baby cars and amusement park games since 1972, and today it is the undisputed leader in the sector Made in Italy.
The company was established by two founding partners, Gerardo and Donato De Carlo, two young cousins who with great tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit decided to follow a dream and get into an innovative and unexplored business, the battery-powered baby cars.

Their small artisanal shop was a breeding ground of ideas and new projects from the start, all focused on the primary goal of designing and producing small jewels of manufacturing that could offer children great fun.
Research and innovation was continuous, and the owners personally oversaw the design, production and national sales strategy, and then, over the years, the company grew, increasing the number of employees and contractors, consolidating its distribution network and strengthening the sales network by adopting more advanced technology and expanding into foreign markets, thus transforming an artisanal trade into an industrial business, particularly committed to quality control and the safety of "little drivers".

It all started more than 40 years ago with the dream of two young men, to develop something special and to take baby cars Made in Italy throughout the world. Today, that dream has become reality.

Gerardo de Carlo


In a short time Sela Group gained leadership of the Italian and international markets, the total dedication to the work and the entrepreneurship of the two owners infecting all the members of their family, and since the 1990s the doors of the company have opened to the second generation of De Carlos. Today, the company is led by their four children in various areas of the business, together with valued high-skilled and long-time employees with whom they share the company's passion and quality goals handed down by Gerardo and Donato.

Passion for the cars and a playful spirit are the engine for making small jewels of manufacturing and offering great excitement to children every day.

Donato de Carlo

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