Sela Group has been producing battery operated cars for 40 years and is the leader in the ‘Made in Italy’ eld.
The story starts in 1972 with an idea of Gerardo and Donato De Carlo , who quickly became partners.
The two young cousins driven by great tenacity and spirit of adventure decide to launch themselves into an innovative and unexplored eld.
They create a small original company with the scope of hand making little battery cars in the ‘beloved city of Forlì.

The passion for cars and playful spirit are the driving forces behind the small manufacturing gem, able to give great excitement to children.
The early years are a succession of ideas, projects, and great eorts to produce new products and promote their business throughout the country. The two owners manage all aspects of the company ranging from design and marketing to manufacturing. Each product is the result of a sophisticated research with a lot of passion.

Over the years Sela Group grows, acquires employees and associates, consolidates its distribution network and enhances the commercial one, then adopts the most advanced technology and enters into the export market.
Before long, Sela Cars has become the leader of the Italian and international market. The total dedication to the job and the company of the owners conquer all family members and in the early 90’s the company opens it’s doors to the second generation of the De Carlo family.

The entrance of four young children is characterised by expanding the catalogue and product range with the creation of models more and more diversied and in line with modern trends of the period and is accompanied by the advice of specialized designers with the aim of nding optimal solutions, oering the best services.
The original work shop is thus transformed into an industrial reality, particularly involved in the point of view of the quality and safety of “little riders”.