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The vehicles are big in structure and performance. They are suitable not only for children from 10 years of age but also for adults. The tracks require design planning for suitable sizing. Tracks in the Grand Prix theme are a possibility for the Formula Senior and Go-Kart models. The 2 seat all-terrain vehicle can be used as a means of transport in large parks.

Large Cars available

how to build a track for Large Cars?

The design of your track must take into consideration the unpredictability and the inexperience of children. To ensure safety and easy management of the structure it is best to follow some simple rules that come from experience.
It is good practice to avoid routes that are too tight and winding, a larger circuit with "softer" curves will reduce impacts and consequently damage to vehicles, as well as allowing the addition of others in the future.
Figure eight tracks must be avoided at all costs as they can result in frontal impacts. There must be a single point of access to the track and it is advisable to adopt the RIDE END SYSTEM to prevent it from being blocked when the ride is over.
The size of the circuit and the width of the track must be proportional to the type of baby cars it was designed for, the general rule being to make a lane that is as wide as possible without allowing for U turns.
The TRACK must be made using a smooth and durable surface to reduce tyre wear and to facilitate driving: asphalt, smooth concrete, wood. It is important to provide for rainwater drainage, giving the track a slight slope.
The PROTECTIVE BARRIER (about 15 cm high) must be able to absorb shocks and at the same time allow the vehicle to slide off and not get stuck. Tyres are a great solution (fastened to a wall or inserted vertically half way into the ground).
The CENTRAL BARRIER, which can be made the same way as the protective barrier, can be equipped with a pin-wheel that helps the vehicle to turn in tight curves. Upon request SELA CARS can supply various types of PREFABRICATED TRACKS with the most appropriate shapes and sizes, made with the best materials.

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