Bumper Boats

Revolutionary idea

Sela Group original idea of making a bumper track in a pool has stood the test of time. With the passing of the years the recipe has always been the same: beware of imitation!

Bumper boats can be upgraded with fiberglass heads that feature happy animals. With your best animal friend, you’ll enjoy a lot!

Bumper Boats available

how to build a track for Bumper Boats?

Bumper boats require a tank or a pool for their use. For this attraction you can use a lake, an in-ground pool or masonry pool. Sela Cars also produces modular pools that do not require any masonry. The height of the water necessary for the proper use of bumper boats is 50-60 cm, and the pool panels are easily adaptable for any size required. We recommend a rectangular shape to facilitate the recovery of the boats at the end of the ride.

Pools of other sizes can be supplied upon request. The TANK is made with galvanised panels that are 70 cm high and 200 cm long and the assembly is quite simple, just connect all the panels until the required size is achieved and then attach the PVC sheet inside. To provide children with easy access to the boats, aluminium pedestals are mounted around the tank. Our product range includes purifiers, skimmers, suction cleaners and chemicals to maintain the water always in excellent hygienic conditions.

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