Mini car track project

The design of the track must anticipate the irresponsible and unpredictable behaviour of children.
To guarantee safety and easy management of the track, it is necessary to follow some simple rules.

Avoid small tracks with tight bends. A larger smooth track with gentle bends will reduce impact damage and allow for extra car expansion in the future. Avoid track design that could cause head on collision.
Definitely avoid a gure 8 track. Ensure there is a single entry onto the track. It is advisable to first the AUTOSTOP SYSTEM to avoid children crossing the circuit. Circuit dimensions and lane width must be tailored to the model of car to be operated. The track width should not allow the cars to U-turn.

Our recommendations:
12V Minicars/bikes 3 metre lane width
24V Go Kart 4 metre lane width
External track dimensions:
For 12V cars/bikes (allow more space for 24V karts)
4 – 6 Minicars/bikes 12m x 6m
6 – 10 Minicars/bikes 16m x 8m
10 – 15 Minicars/bikes 20m x 10m

Go Kart tracks must have at least 15/20 meters in a straight line before the bend to avoid excessive load on the electrical equipment which would result in electronic card damage. Ensure the storage/battery charging area is easily accessible from the track.

The track must have a smooth and hard surface, for example compacted asphalt, smooth concrete or timber. This will reduce tyre wear and make driving easier. Allow a slight fall for drainage.

(15 cm high) must be able to absorb impacts and allow vehicle bumpers to slide along the fendering.
A suitable system using tyres is a popular option (linked or inserted in the ground)
The CENTRAL RESERVATION can be similar to the perimeter fendering. The ends can be  tted with a rotating wheel island that helps the vehicles round the corner if the driver takes it too sharply.

can supply on request PORTABLE TRACKS, of various shapes and dimensions. Our tracks are built with best materials.